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Homemade insecticide

This is powerful stuff and I use it on my micro homestead to deal with a variety of insects and other pests.
Prep Time5 mins
Active Time5 mins
Total Time5 mins
Keyword: diatomaceous earth, homemade bug killer, homemade insecticide, natural bug killer, natural insectide, neem oil
Yield: 2 Cups


  • 8 oz Spray bottle (prefereably amber glass)
  • Funnel or rolled up paper to act as a funnel
  • Measuring cup
  • Measuring spoons


  • 1 Tbsp Diatomaceous earth (be careful not to breath it in)
  • 15 Drops Neem oil
  • ΒΌ Tsp Dish soap
  • 2 Cups Water


  • Add the dish soap and neem oil to the glass bottle.
  • Using a funnel (or make your own with a piece of paper) carefully put the diatomaceous earth into the glass bottle. Be carefull not to introduce a lot of it into the air as you don't want to breath it in.
  • Top off the glass bottle with 2 cups of water.


As there is neem oil in the recipe it is best to do a patch test on your plant before spraying the whole thing. Just to make sure your plant is not damaged by it. Also, make sure to spray only when there is indirect light. Spraying neem oil on a plant in direct sunlight can lead to burning.