There is something wonderfully fulfilling in creating something from scratch with your own two hands.  It doesn’t matter if it is from your own pattern or someone else’s….the magic is in the doing.  It could be something made from wood, plastic, metal, glass it really doesn’t matter.  My two favourite DIY mediums are wood and mason jars. It probably has something to do with my love of anything farmhouse.  I have been a maker since I was little. My dad taught me to build stuff and my mum taught me to cook and sew…I’ve made things from my prom dress to a (rudimentary) remote control car created out of wood, wires and metal.

DIY, Wood, Carpentry

As referenced above there are many mediums for DIY but wood is always the first one I think of

***daydreams of a farmhouse table***

It can be used to make just about anything you could possible dream up from the above mentioned table, to a bed frame, to a soap curing rack to a victorian potting bench for the garden.

There are so many awesome DIYers out there. A few of my favourites are Ana WhiteShanty 2 Chic and The Art of Doing stuff.  

Palettes are a girls best friend, well they are if that girl is a DIYer!  I have a plan for a pallet, some screws and a little space at the bottom of my stairs that is crying out for a little console table.  

They also have a place in the garden to be used to space out plants, as a vertical garden or in your compost pile. There  really is no end to how you can use these bad boys. Many are made from hardwood and come aged if you can find them sitting around outside.

If you happen to come across one sitting at the side of the road grab it up and take it home. Make yourself a coffee and then go down the rabbit-hole that is Pinterest if you are in need of ideas, you won’t be disappointed.

DIY, Palette, Vertical Garden

I myself have no shortage of ideas or pins on Pinterest of things I plan to make…I’m always planning my next DIY.  I even have one that involves a plastic horse that my mum saved from when I was little. She really likes to save things, and I did have some rose gold spray paint… so stay tuned.

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