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Homemade Challah Bread

I decided that I needed to up my bread game. I definitely want to get to the point where I am making fresh bread every day. But I’m not even close to that yet! So today I decided to try something new and make a recipe from the one cookbook The Hubby actually reads. He surprised me by asking for it for Christmas last year. If The Hubby wants a cookbook then damn skippy I am getting it for him! Maybe he will actually cook! So I went ahead and ordered the Action Bronson “F*ck That’s Delicious” cookbook. And so the first recipe from the book that has been attempted is the Challah bread…by me, not by him. But here’s hoping! I armed with my favourite mixing bowl and trusty wooden spoon I set forth into unknown challah bread making territory. The recipe calls for two 7g packages, and just my luck I had two packages of 8g. So I did what anyone would, I grabbed my digital scale (the one I usually use when I’m making cold processed soap), a little cup and measured out the needed 14g of yeast. I added the 14g of yeast to the big…

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My first post

This seems like the perfect time to introduce myself. So Hi! I’m Kiri, I live in Pickering, Ontario in Canada…where the air hurts our face in winter (which is…

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