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6 Homestead Instagram accounts you should follow

Sometimes the best thing is an inspiration so I wanted to share some of the homestead Instagram account I follow! I don’t use social media the way the masses do, honestly, I couldn’t care less about celebrities, fashion or makeup influencers. I flip through to look at posts about Kune Kune pigs (I will own them someday), highland cows, chickens, ducks, seedlings, homesteading and farming. Those are the things that truly make me happy. I rarely post on my personal account or look at friends’ posts.

Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase.

So I thought I would share with you some of the homesteading accounts that help to inspire and drive me towards my dreams! Because we could all use a little more positivity and inspiration in our lives. If you want to check out my own Instagram account you can click here.

#1 – The Biggest Little Farm

This first one was by far the most impactful for me. I recently watched The Biggest Little Farm documentary on Netflix and it was like I was watching my dream life unfold. I literally can’t wait until the day I can move out of the suburbs and have my little parcel of land. The idea of farming in a biodiverse way is now part of that dream as well. If you haven’t watched the film yet then grab a glass of wine and snuggle up for an inspiring 1 and a half hours.

#2 – The Prairie Homestead

Jill over at The Prairie Homestead has loads of great content touching on such things as cooking from scratch (she also has a homestead cookbook), growing your own food, starting a homestead and making things instead of buying them (like honey mint lip balm).

#3 – Modern Homesteading

Melissa K Norris is one of the gurus of the modern homesteading movement so it was a given that I include her in my list of homestead Instagram accounts that you should follow. She also has her own podcast and her book “The Family Garden Plan” will help you to grow a year’s worth of food for your family. Her Instagram account is full of inspirational ideas for in the garden as well as in the kitchen.

#4 – Sustainable Homestead

This Instagram account features all types of homesteaders so it is a great one to follow if you are always looking for new inspiration and like-minded homesteading people! I love looking at different vegetables that people are growing as well as different garden layouts and designs.

#5 – Three Little Blackbirds

Talk about picturesque images and chickens galore. These guys also make some of the prettiest bread! I’m a little chicken obsessed and the only thing standing between me and having them are some pesky by-laws. I am just itching to get my own so if your bylaws allow for chicken you can check out my post on The Best Chicken Breeds for Suburban Homesteaders. So until such time as I can have my own backyard chicken, this is account will remain as my goto account to look at chicken posts and beautiful egg posts.

#6 – With My Hands Homestead

This last one I love as it strikes to close to home as just another normal person starting to live the homestead life. It isn’t one of the big accounts like the other ones I included but they are living my dream and I love to follow along on Instagram and see what develops.

So there you have it. A few of the homestead Instagram accounts that give me homesteading inspiration and aspirations. Again, if you haven’t watched The Biggest Little Farm on Netflix I would highly recommend it. This world could use a more biodiverse view on farming rather than the monocropping we deal with thanks to agribusiness. Anyway, one last thing I should mention is that you will also want to follow a few Instagram hashtags. Here are a few of my suggestions:

  • #homestead
  • #homesteadersofinstagram
  • #homesteadlife
  • #homesteading
  • #homesteadliving

So no matter if you are an urban farmer, suburban homesteader, apartment homesteader, off-grid or living the full homestead life, happy homesteading everyone!

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