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The Best Backyard Chickens for Suburban Homesteaders

So let’s start with the obvious, you can’t have a rooster. No, not even if you really, really, really want one. Personally, I’m fine with that. A rooster is definitely not on my wishlist at the present moment. When the time comes that I can actually move out to the country and have my own little plot of heaven, then yes I will get a rooster. He will be named George. But until then I just want to hang with the chicks (bad pun I know, but it had to be done). Once you have come to the conclusion that you need chickens in your life (and I mean how could you not?) the next thing you have to do is research. Now I don’t mean the “How to care for the wee beasties” kind of Chicken 101 research. I mean the kind of research you need to do in order to find out if you can even have them. I myself (after much research) can not. Cue the sad music and please look away while I have an ugly cry. That said, I am not one to be dissuaded and I am currently working on writing some letters to…

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