Homesteading without the acres #makefoodgrow

If you’re here then you are either interested in or already loving homesteading…without the acres. I am a firm believer that homesteading is a spectrum rather than an end goal. It’s all about striving for sustainability, getting dirt under your fingernails and learning an awful lot in the process.

It really doesn’t matter if you look out your window and see fields, a park, a parking lot or another building. You can still bring some of the aspects of homesteading into your life. As an added bonus you will undoubtedly save yourself some money in the process, and who doesn’t like that? Whether you label yourself as an off-grid homesteader, true homesteader, suburban homesteader, urban homesteader, micro homesteader or apartment homesteader you all have a place in my tribe!

So come along with me on this homesteading journey, which for me starts in the suburbs and at some point ends with me in the country on 5-10 acres of land. So let’s see what we can learn along the way. #makefoodgrow

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